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Indy Red Cross volunteers prepared for blizzard

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — More than two feet is expected to come down in the northeastern United States tonight and into tomorrow.

Emergency workers are getting ready to respond as needed up in the northeast, and the same goes for Red Cross volunteers here in Indiana.

The American Red Cross put out a call to all of its workers Monday to update their availability status if they’re needed to respond to the Winter Storm Juno.

The national database known as the “Volunteer Connection” is a great tool for the Red Cross during weather emergencies. It allows the area hit hardest to get the people they need.

Regional Disaster Program Officer Clive Jachnik bets his volunteers are already packed to head to the East Coast if called upon.

“I know for a fact with our excellent volunteers here in this particular state that their bags are already packed and they already want that ticket in their hand to go out,” Jachnik said. “When something else happens in the American Red Cross family, across the nation everybody in the American Red Cross has got their eyes on it. It’s on the radar and were working to get ramped up, ready to go just in case.”

If flying out of the Indianapolis International Airport, be sure to check flight statuses before heading to the airport. Airlines have apps and text alerts that can be set up on smartphones.