Indy Scream Park GM: Business of Halloween is an evolution

Indy Scream Park GM: Business of Halloween is an Evolution

ANDERSON, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — The general manager of Indy Scream Park says Halloween attractions have gone from simple, local novelties to a competitive industry. The haunted house park in Anderson is celebrating its 10th year and during that time, has opened a sister facility in Florida and is looking toward further upgrades, including a ride attraction. 

In an interview with Inside INdiana Business Reporter Mary-Rachel Redman, Harmeson said Halloween attractions have evolved over the years.

“The business of Halloween has gone from local, not-for-profit type organization, mom-and-pop type haunted houses when I was a child,” said Harmeson. “Now it’s a business. This is our livelihood; the Indy Scream Park provides for our employees to take care of their families and our homes and our bills and things like that. So it’s taken something that was very small, not-for-profit and has turned it into an industry that is competitive.”

Harmeson says the expansion to Florida was the first of hopefully many future expansions.

“What we have done and something that we’re very proud of is we build a system that we’re table to take the system from here – we were able to take it Dade City, Florida – and using what we’ve learned here from a business standpoint of how to set up the organizational chart. The future is bright. We look to move to other states with our company and opening up haunted houses.”

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Harmeson says on a given weekend, the Indy Scream Park will see thousands of visitors. Additionally, the company hires nearly 200 employees who serve in acting roles within the haunted houses, as well as non-actor positions to help operate the site. He says many of the actors include high school and university students from the local community.