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IndyHumane delivers truck to help four-legged TN wild fire victims

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Four-legged, wild fire victims are in for some Hoosier hospitality.

Nearly a dozen Humane Society of Indianapolis workers spent hours stacking supplies Tuesday. The majority of goods will help animals in Central Indiana.

But there were certain piles not for the Hoosier State. “When the worst happens, we really hope that everybody rises to the occasion, and helps step in,” Humane Society of Indianapolis Chief Development Officer, Jeremy Vandandel said.

The agency did rise, time and time again, as pallets were loaded onto this truck. Pounds of food heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to help an emergency animal shelter.

“We would really hope that if we were in a similar situation, if we had just been through fire, flood, and tornado, whatever, that we would have the help and support of our friends in animal welfare.” Vandandel said.

The humane society is bringing more than just traditional cat and dog food, they’re also bringing specialty stuff, including cat litter which is made of soft materials to help cats dealing with burnt paws.

It’s an effort organized by Heather Hamilton. The humane society operations manager is no stranger to the Smokey Mountains.

“It’s such a beautiful country down there,” Hamilton said. “It’s peaceful. It’s nice to go and get away.”

As she saw wild fire images, she thought of ways to help. Hamilton found another humane society, looking for supplies.

It is a location about to get the truckload of goods. “This emergency shelter is going to be set up for a while because it’s holding displaced animals,” Hamilton said.

They are pets that’ll be on Hamilton’s mind as she travels to Tennessee for a much different purpose than vacation. “Seeing all the animals it’ll be heartbreaking, but it’ll be nice to know that we’re doing a little bit to try and help out,” Hamilton said.

If you’re interested to help the humane society in Tennessee deal with wild fires, click here.