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Injured bald eagle on the road to recovery

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – An injured bald eagle is on the road to recovery, thanks to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Carroll County.

To the outsider, nothing appears to be wrong with this bald eagle as she soared through her flight pen at the Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center in Carroll County Tuesday.

“The radiograph showed no fractured bones, but she had collapsed air sacs and was bleeding internally,” said Carol Blacketer, executive director of the center.

Blacketer said the eagle was having a hard time flying in the Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area, north of North Judson. She was brought to the center by conservation officers on Wednesday. Blacketer said the eagle’s bands indicate she was a chick in 2003 in Michigan. As far as telling how she became injured, they may never know.

“We did check on wind turbines up there and the closest is 20 miles away, so probably not as likely, but a vehicle or flying into a tree. Obviously, it was a pretty strong impact to be bleeding like that,” explained Blacketer.

Blacketer believes the eagle has chicks or eggs. In fact, she believes the nest has been located near the Kankakee River where she was originally found. Blacketer said after some rest, medication and treatment for parasites, she is expected to be released in that area on Thursday. Blacketer hopes while she’s been gone, the male has been able to tend to the nest.

“We need to get her back as soon as we can, but, you know, she has to be healthy to go back,” said Blacketer.

The public is welcome to attend the eagle’s release back into the wild. That will happen Thursday at 4 p.m. on the Kankakee River, near State Road 8 and State Road 39.

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