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Injured Westfield student recovering, is thankful for support

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) –  By Friday morning, most of the students injured in Thursday’s stage collapse in Westfield, had been released from the hospital.

Senior Reid Markus was one of them, at home Friday morning after spending the night in the ER.

He said he suffered a fractured femur and a sprained wrist after the stage collapsed underneath him and other students during the finale of a musical performance show at Westfield High School.

“All of a sudden, I just hear a loud thud, and the floor collapses beneath my feet. It happened so quickly. I was on ground before I knew what happened, and there were people on top of me. I was helped up by two of my best friends, who had to carry out because i was in tremendous pain,” said Reid.

His mom, Anna Markus, said she’d left to take a younger sibling home, when she got her son’s call.

“I just knew something, from the tone of his voice, something really bad had happened,” she said.

She headed back to the school, where firefighters and paramedics and police had already arrived.

“As a mom, you’re just like, oh my gosh what can I do, what can I do?”

“It was comforting to know there were rescue people there every step of the way,”

Reid says he’s glad for the support of those who helped him and his friends.

“Without them, I don’t know what I’d do,” he said.

The musical performance ‘American Pie’ is an annual event put on after months of practicing by students.

Both Reid and his mom hope everyone remembers just what an amazing show they’d put on.

“It was an amazing show, and they did work so hard on it. I hope people remember how great the performances were,” said Anna.Some video included in this story courtesy of @saracamden.