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Johnson County launches 911 text service

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Starting Monday, emergency communications can be sent via text message in Johnson County.

The community’s dispatch center joined a growing list of facilities in Indiana to install technology allowing residents to contact 911 and exchange messages back and forth on their cell phones.

The concept has become more common than not across Indiana. All but four of the state’s 92 counties use some kind of texting technology.

Johnson County’s 911 director told The Daily Journal that texting can be helpful for people with hearing impairment or in cases where talking on the phone might put someone in danger.

The director said the first text during an emergency should include as much information as possible; a name, address and details about what is happening to give dispatchers the most information when sending responders.

A phone call is still considered the ideal option if possible because crucial information is communicated faster.