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Kayla gifts her son a potato, watch his reaction

Kid-ing with Kayla: Parentings are participating in a trend on social media where you gift your child something that isn’t a traditional gift to see their reaction. So many of them are positive. This kid got an avocado for Christmas.


he was so grateful 🥺❤️ (we actually got him a nintendo switch game) #christmasprank #avocadogift #cousinpranks #momsoftiktok #toddlertok #fypシ

♬ original sound – Tara & Evy

Kayla tried the trend on Life. Style. Live and All Indiana Friday by gifting her son a potato. He asked “what’s this?” and then proceeded to toss the potato and say he liked it! Kayla joked that she doesn’t understand why she even buys her son real presents when he would probably prefer a potato.

Some other things she believes her son would prefer include bubble wrap, empty boxes and a tape measure.

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