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Kid-ing with Kayla: Child birthday parties in the winter

Kid-ing with Kayla: Kids birthday parties

Kid-ing with Kayla: It’s a struggle this time of year. Kids are so much easier to manage when you can throw a party at a local park for them to run around and have fun for free! But for parents like me who have winter babies, we need an indoor option that won’t break the bank.

Unfortunately, trampoline parks aren’t cheap but they are an extremely popular place for kids to celebrate another year of life. My son loves places like Sky Zone, Urban Air and Adrenaline.

I’m also looking into booking his party at a local gym or martial arts academy since he has voiced interest in karate.

There’s always laser tag, Chuck E. Cheese and Great Times too!

As I debate where I’ll host my son’s party next month, I’m also attending several of his friend’s parties. We’ve been to four trampoline park parties and there are two more coming! Since we are starting to become professional partygoers, I decided to write a rhyming report on the topic.

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