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Kid-ing with Kayla: Family moving day woes

Kid-ing with Kayla: Families Moving Houses

Kid-ing with Kayla: There are few people who enjoy moving and I’d argue parents likely loathe it more than people without kids.

My son and I are moving out of a rental and into a new home we now own! While this is exciting and better for him in the long run, kids don’t do well with change so he has lots of questions. We called our rental house the “spider man house” and he first asked if we can call the new house that too. Of course we can!

Packing with a small child around is no easy feat. He was obsessed with playing inside the boxes and popping the bubble wrap. Honestly, I don’t get mad about that stuff because I vividly remember how much fun it was as a kid too.

As a mom who currently does this whole parenting thing on my own, I didn’t exactly find the time to pack before I needed to so we definitely did what I consider panic packing.

What started out as organized and specific labeling, ended up with me writing “miscellaneous” on every box just to get it out of the rental on time.

This just in, I forgot to pack an entire closet! I really don’t understand how I can have so many clothes but still feel like I don’t have anything to wear most days.

My son was very unhappy with the things I was trying to get rid of and I really suggest parents do it secretly when they aren’t around.

He spotted his turtle sandbox, aquarium and sit and spin toy out on the curb with a sign that said “free” and was not pleased! Guess who ended up putting the sit and spin in the moving van as a result of tears? This mom! I’m a sucker, I guess. But what would you do in that situation?

Coming up, unpacking for what feels like an eternity!

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