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Kid-ing with Kayla: The Super Bowl family party

Kid-ing with Kayla: How are parents holding up after the Super Bowl? Were you smart enough to put the kids to bed early or are you regretting letting them stay up to watch the end? I wish I would have been thinking about the morning after when I let my son enjoy the full experience!

Getting my 5-year-old to school was rough after an 11 p.m. bed time. I started out contemplating calling in sick for both of us but then I remembered we didn’t have plans tonight and we could just go to bed early. I like sticking it out on days like today because let’s be honest, there’s a lot to talk about at work after the Super Bowl!

Last night, I reported on some of the topics I discussed on air with my coworkers.

Personally, I feel like Travis Kelce should have kept it together. I don’t believe there is any reason to touch your coach like that especially while the entire world is watching. That’s something kids watch too and I feel like my comment about him needing the “Daniel Tiger” calm down song was less of a joke and more of a way to show kids that this isn’t a proper way to handle intense emotions. If I were Taylor Swift, I wouldn’t have liked seeing his reaction in that moment.

When it came to Usher’s half time show, I wasn’t blown away but I also think it was still entertaining and nostalgic for us millennials. However, if you ask my Grandma she said “He’s no Lionel Richie!”

The kids were not impressed by the football game. They kept asking to watch something different. However, they did enjoy the commercials and dancing to the halftime show songs.

If I could do it over again, I’d get the kids to bed immediately following the half time show and then I would have brushed my teeth, gotten ready for bed, and turned the game on just in time to see the ending. I think I’d be feeling a lot better if that life decision was made! Next year I’ll know better. Back to you!

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