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Kids listen for beeping eggs at special egg hunt

Some people are kicking off their Easter weekend with an Easter egg hunt, but this one is a little different than your typical hunt.

Instead of looking, these kids listened.

An egg hunt was held for children with visual impairments at the local Evansville Police Department FOP PAL Camp.

For many, the hardest part of an Easter egg hunt is finding eggs in hiding places, but for these kids, it doesn’t matter where you hide them.

Hailie Fisher says, “I am totally blind and have been every since birth.”

This hunt is all ears, as the children search for the eggs making a beeping noise.

“It’s pretty cool to know these eggs were made for us blind people,” Fisher says.

EPD Bomb Squad Matthew Knight says, “What we’ll do is we’ll take the beeping eggs and set it on the ground and take the candy eggs and fill around it so once they find the beeping egg they’ll take the eggs with candy.”

“It kind of gives me a sense of okay I know where those eggs are…it still sounds like a fire detector but I know its an egg,” Fisher says.

High pitch, low pitch, fast pitch, slow pitch, the eggs beep all over the field as the kids with visual impairments see the eggs with their hands and ears.

The egg hunt is hosted by the Evansville Association for the Blind, Evansville Police, the Local FOP and 911 Gives Hope.

This was the second time they have used the eggs with beeping noises and hope to continue the event annually.

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