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Lafayette police warn of IRS scheme

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The Lafayette Police Department wants to warn people of a fraudulent scheme involving the Internal Revenue Service and Lafayette Police Department’s non-emergency phone number.

Lafayette Police Lt. Brian Gossard said their number 765-807-1200 shows up on caller ID when the criminals call making it appear that they’re involved. He said the criminals are posing as IRS agents trying to collect overdue tax money from the public.

Gossard said LPD is not involved and it will not call about taxes. He said if you receive a call, the best thing to do is hang up and not give them any money.

“Phone calls will never come from the Lafayette Police Department regarding tax issues,” Gossard said. “So, if the number comes up [876] 807-1200, and they’re talking about tax issues – that’s not us. That’s definitely illegitimate.”

Gossard said to call the IRS office directly if you do have any issues with your taxes. He said if you receive a phone call, you can report it to Lafayette Police Department.

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