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Lafayette police warning of credit card skimmers

 LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Lafayette police said the number of reports regarding credit card fraud has increased in the past few weeks.

Investigators believe credit card skimmers are a factor because many times the victims still have their credit cards. The skimmers are commonly found on gas pumps and are often discrete.

While no skimmers have been found at gas stations in Tippecanoe County, Sgt. Scott Galloway said it may be a different story in other places, like Indianapolis.

Galloway said the department is encouraging gas station owners to take action.

“By putting either security tape on their pumps, some places will put alarms on their pumps, or having regular checks by their employees to go out and check the pumps, manually, to see if they’ve not been compromised,” explained Galloway.

Sgt. Galloway said paying inside the gas station could prevent credit card fraud. He said also be sure to check bank statements on a daily basis.