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Las Vegas sisters making their mark in golf

Like clockwork, every single day after school you can find 12-year-old Mizarah Norten and her 9-year-old sister Milan on the driving range working on their game.

And if you think they take the weekends off, well think again.

“On the weekends, we pretty much play rounds all day,” Mizarah Norten said.

The sisters have been playing golf since about the time they started walking. Mizarah first picked up a club when she was just three years old while Milan followed in her big sister’s footsteps at the age of six. Neither have put them down since.

“I like the challenge, it’s never the same when you play,” Mizarah Norten said.

“I like meeting new people and I love winning,” Milan Norten said.

Winning is something the Norten’s are becoming accustomed to.

“I think when I played for the IMG World qualifiers is probably one of my favorite ones,” Mizarah Norten said. “I shot a 68 that day.”

Recently, Milan got some big news, she beat out over 80,000 players and was one of 10 other individuals in her age group to qualify for the Drive, Chip & Putt Junior Golf Development Competition that takes place every year in Augusta at the Masters.

“I was really excited,” Milan Norten said.

And of course, big sis is so proud.

“I’m so proud of her,” Mizarah Norten said.

And when it comes to competing on such a big stage, Milan has a trick to take care of those butterflies.

“My dad says that when you have butterflies in your stomach you turn them into fire-breathing dragons,” Milan Norten said. 

So, what would it mean to a Milan to bring the trophy back to Nevada with her?

“For me, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Milan Norten said.