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Left Shark speaks, explains viral dance moment

(WISH) – You’re unlikely to remember who won the Super Bowl in 2015 or even who played in the big game off the top of your head.

However, one moment that you can probably recall fairly easily happened during the Super Bowl halftime entertainment, when Katy Perry performed.

That’s because one of the sharks on stage with “Teenage Dream” singer became an instant internet sensation, simply referred to as “Left Shark.”

Well, after three years, the man in the “Left Shark” costume, Bryan Gaw, is finally explaining his dance moves.

Gaw, who is now a hair stylist in West Hollywood, talked to NPR Radio.

In that interview, which aired Wednesday on NPR, Gaw says there was set choreography for the show, but that he had permission to freestyle on stage, and that his performance was intentional.