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Health officials urge people who are unable to get vaccine appointment to check other counties

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Health officials in some areas are encouraging people who can to check other nearby counties for vaccine appointments.

As the state allows more groups to get vaccinated, some counties are running into scheduling issues.

Christian Walker, Hamilton County emergency preparedness coordinator, said Thursday he understands the frustration but is hopeful the scheduling issues will only be temporary.

“We’re not holding anything back at any of the hospitals, we’re dispensing what we get and are creating the appointments accordingly,” said Walker.

He hopes only those who really need it will seek other county’s for appointments and reminds people it’s an option that should only be used as a last resort.

“If I send everybody down to Marion County, there’s people in Marion County that are now not able to get vaccinated,” said Walker.

On Wednesday during Indiana’s weekly coronavirus update, state leaders said on they are working to help clear up some of the scheduling issues. One way is by eventually allowing people in the same household to sign up for their vaccination together. Right now, only one person can do it at a time.

Dr. Lindsay Weaver said eventually some of those problems will work themselves out as the state receives more doses.

“The demand for vaccine is incredibly high, please do not get discouraged if the location you’re looking at has limited availability today. We are working everyday to expand capacity,” Weaver said.

Health officials also announced 37 more health clinics will open as vaccination sites across the state next week.

Both President Trump and President-elect Biden have told state health departments to not hold back in vaccinating. They have promised production will speed up in the coming days.