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Local flower shop preps for last-minute Mother’s Day orders

INDAINAPOLIS (WISH) — Mother’s Day is Sunday, and local flower shops are busy preparing orders.

Finance Buzz reports that Americans plan to spend close to $32 billion on Mother’s Day in 2022. That’s up nearly $4 billion from 2021.

Therese Pircon, owner of Root and Relic, says her flower shop inside City Market is practically her home and she’s worked overtime filling orders.

“I basically live here this week, preparing for Mother’s Day, but it’s all good,” Pircon said. “As long as everyone gets their beautiful flowers and says, ‘We love you, mom,’ it’s worth it.”

Pircon says supply chain issue could snarl the plans of last-minute flower buyers who still need to find the perfect bouquet.

“There’s major flooding that happened in South America just this week, so if you’re having trouble finding flowers, a lot of the farmers down there, their fields were just lost. Just take that into consideration when you’re trying to get flowers this year,” Pircon said.

If you’re looking for that perfect flower, Pircon has a suggestion.

“The flower that usually is the most sturdy would probably be a rose. That might be stereotypical, but I would say the sturdier the stem, the hardier. The flower will be perfect.”

When not in the shop, Pircon says she tours the Midwest with clients in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio.

Visit the Root and Relic website for more information.