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Meeting two UIndy Fulbright Scholars

Meeting 2 UIndy Fulbright Scholars

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As many new college graduates begin their first summers post-grad, two University of Indianapolis grads are preparing to take the next leap as cross-cultural ambassadors with the Fulbright Program.

Emma Knaack and Deacon Fountain joined News 8 at Daybreak to tell more about the Fulbright Scholarship Program and what they expect to do as ambassadors.

Knaack says that the program is an educational exchange program between the U.S. and several other countries around the world. “You’re either doing research or teaching English,” she added.

Fountain will be heading to Spain as part of the program, and says what he’s looking forward to the most is seeing something new. “I haven’t been to Spain before, so that’s exciting to learn about the culture there, learn about the history, meet people, do things like that,” he said.

Knaack, who is going to South Korea, says there’s much excitement for her in traveling internationally. “This is going to be a really unique opportunity, also just a way to garner this independence for myself after graduating from college.”

She also says she’s excited to see what she can learn about teaching. “That’s something I gained a passion for,” she said. “My mom’s a teacher, and that’s something that I hold true to my heart, something that I’m really passionate about, and something I’m hoping to carry over into Korea.”

Fountain and Knaack also share with News 8 what the program was like for them and how other students could pursue the program.

“The main thing is finding a support program at your school,” Knaack said. “For us, we had a professor who worked with us. Having that support team, whether that be at your school or through your family is incredibly helpful.”

Fountain adds that he and Knaack will be teaching in different situations, which leaves much up in the air when it comes to guessing how things will go.

“(We) could be (teaching) anywhere from K – 12, a vocational school, or a university. It could be a wide array of things, but I expect it will be a great time,” he said.

To learn more about how to apply to the Fulbright Program, visit their website or watch the interview above.