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Organization offering help to families struggling to afford diapers during pandemic

Organization offering help to families struggling to afford diapers during pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Diaper Bank is offering help to families struggling to provide diapers and wipes for infants during the coronavirus pandemic.

Several social media groups are peppered with families asking for diapers, saying they are either missing from store shelves or due to lost income, the families are struggling to buy them.

Indiana Diaper Bank is the local arm of the National Diaper Bank Network, which distributes more than 68 million diapers per year. In Indiana, that number is closer to 150,000 per year, but with the pandemic hitting family budgets and supply chains, CEO and founder Rachael Suskovich says their stock will run out by mid-April. 

The bank usually holds big diaper drives, events and drop-off locations at local stores. Now, they are asking for monetary donations only.

“We don’t want to encourage anyone to go out to the stores and buy products,” said Suskovich. “We want them out on the shelves for families to buy them. We are buying directly from manufacturers so we are not interfering with local supply and demand. “

Suskovich said for every one physical diaper someone donates, the bank can use its connections to buy four at the same price. ​She said the group is already getting some much-needed help. 

“We have received an emergency response fund from the Women’s Fund for $10,000,” said Suskovich. “We’re bringing in at least 60,000 diapers to support families.”

​​You can donate to the Indiana Diaper Bank’s emergency response fund at its website.

If you know someone in need of diapers, the diaper bank uses community partners to distribute them. Suskovich explained that way the families are connected to even more social services in their area. ​Find your local community partners here.

“Diapers are small, but if we can do one thing to turn an anxiety into a comfort, we’re going to work hard to do that,” said Suskovich.