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Sentric’s new Zionsville facility centers on vehicle calibration safety

(Provided Photo/Sentric via WIBC)

INDIANAPOLIS (WIBC) – Week after week, people are killed in car accidents. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your car is accurately calibrated for the safety of all road users. Doug Kelly, with Sentric, a company specializing in state-of-the-art Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, has recently opened a facility in Zionsville.

“A lot of systems don’t reinitialize. They’re put through some form of progression,” said Doug Kelly, President of Automotive Aftermarket. “What I mean by that is that after you do this, the car has to travel at 40 miles per hour for at least three miles in a straight line.”

Kelly says Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) enhances safety by providing features like adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking.

These systems utilize sensors, cameras, and radar to detect potential hazards on the road and provide timely alerts or interventions to prevent accidents. From adaptive cruise control that adjusts your speed based on traffic conditions to lane departure warning systems that help you stay in your lane, ADAS features are designed to enhance driver awareness and mitigate the risks of collisions.

“After a vehicle has been serviced, that same technology needs to be put back and told how to operate correctly,” said Kelly. “Otherwise, there is some potential downsides to that technology if it’s not working correctly.”

Sentric, with decades of industry experience, is leading the charge into the next phase of ADAS, which promises additional safety benefits necessitating more intricate calibrations. Their new lab in Zionsville was specifically constructed to deliver fast, dependable, and secure calibrations for the diverse array of ADAS technologies.

“The only company I know today that’s mentioning calibration in any of their communications in Safelite,” he added. “Most consumers do not have a good understanding of the technology that’s on their cars today. I think anything that we can do to help the consumer better understand what they have and how it works, I think, is going to be a huge benefit.”