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Some Goodwill employees will have free bus passes to get to work

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Public Transportation Foundation and Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana have free bus passes for some Indy residents.

Many employees lack reliable transportation and the new partnership helps those employees who live along an IndyGo bus route to get a free ride back-and-forth-to their job.

Charmin Currie works at the College Park store on North Michigan Road.

Her drivers license was suspended and has needed a new way to get to work.

In three weeks, she says she spent $60 on bus rides. She mentioned the challenge and cost to her manager, who then made a call to corporate.

Currie immediately received multiple bus passes, which helped keep more money in her pocket.

“My money was getting pretty low and I was worried about how I was going to get to and from work,” she said. “The bus is always on time. You know they will pull over and wait a couple seconds and then when it’s time for them to take off to reach the next stop, it’s running right on time.”

Goodwill employs more than 600 Indianapolis residents, 70% of whome have an employment barrier, like a disability, criminal history or limited education.

The Indianapolis Public Transportation foundation will provide 10-trip passes as well as one-day passes for fixed route services to employees with a transportation challenge.

Over the next three months, the partnership will provide more than 1,800 free rides to Goodwill employees.