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MAC Cosmetics is giving away free lipstick on Sunday

NEW YORK (WCMH) — National Lipstick Day is this coming weekend, and MAC Cosmetics plans to celebrate by giving away free lipstick!

The company announced it will have free lipstick available at MAC Cosmetics stores and other MAC Cosmetics retail outlets on Sunday, July 29.

You don’t have to buy anything else if you head into a store. The offer is also available online, but only if you make a $25 purchase through MAC’s website.

MAC says customers will be able to choose their free lipstick color from nine pre-selected shades designed to best match your skin tone. You can see a preview of the available colors on MAC’s website.

MAC does this promotion every year to celebrate National Lipstick Day. However, Refinery 29 reportsthis year is a bit different because the shades being offered are from the Artist Favorites collection which contains colors “the entire Internet is currently hunting down on Ebay.”