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Man dies after trying to save child in Sugar Creek

EDGAR COUNTY, Ill. (WTHI) – An Indiana man is dead after a drowning in Edgar County, Illinois.

It happened Monday evening at the Sugar Creek, near a low water crossing on Staley Road.

According to officials, a group of three adults, and four children had entered Sugar Creek just upstream from the concrete slab crossing. Crews say the creek was swollen due to the heavy rainfall over the weekend.

One of the children in the group lost their footing, and was swept into the water. Two of the adults jumped in, trying to rescue the child.

During the struggle, the child was swept further downstream, where he was able to hold onto a concrete rebar. The child was later rescued.

One of the adults that tried to rescue the child, 31-year-old Jeremy D. Layton, from West Terre Haute, was pulled under the water.

The other man that jumped in the water to save the boy tried to rescue Layton, but was unable to, due to the strength and speed of the water.