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Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines.


Subaru’s Lafayette facility has been zero landfill since 2004, making it the first auto assembly plant to reach that milestone.

The Indianapolis Star says with waste reduction under their belts, the Indiana Subaru folks are sharing their knowledge with anyone who is interested. However,  they are not stopping there and have now set their sights on environmental initiatives to reduce the energy the plant uses and the emissions it releases.


The payouts in opioid lawsuits may be the largest in history.

Cities, counties and stares are suing opioid makers for their costs in treating the disease.

Bloomberg reports lawyers have brought more than 900 cases and up to 2,000 are expected.


Shareholders of Disney and Shareholders of 21st Century Fox approved their $17 billion merger in separate meetings.

Regulators in more than a dozen countries still have to approve it.

“Avatar,” the “X-Men,” “Titanic” and TV shows such as “The Simpson” and “This Is US” will now be owned by Disney.

That adds to Disney’s properties like Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.


JPMorgan thinks Amazon is a $1.1 trillion company.

The bank also thinks the company will reach that level within the next 12 months.

Amazon has been in a race with Apple to see which company would be the first to reach a $1 trillion market cap.