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Multiple cars vandalized near 38th and Shadeland

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a rash of vandalism in a neighborhood near 38th Street and Shadeland Avenue.

At least seven people filed reports with police saying their car windows had been shattered sometime early Friday morning.

The victims woke up to broken windows and piles of glass in the street.

“It is pitiful. It really is pitiful,” said Richard Jones as he worked to clean and fix his car Friday afternoon. He said he made the discovery before work this morning.

“I said hey, somebody bust my window out, so I looked in and went around the side, opened the door, and I saw a brick laying in my seat,” said Jones.

Both the side and back windows on his truck were broken. He said nothing was missing from inside the car.

A quick drive through the neighborhood showed he was not the only victim. It didn’t take long to find glass in the street and other cars with broken windows.

“It just kind of makes you angry when you work for things and you are at your own home and it is kind of like you feel invaded,” said Heather Bowlin, another victim.

The rock used to break the driver’s side window on Bowlin’s car was still sitting on the seat. She said she can’t imagine why anyone would do this. Her doors were unlocked and nothing was missing from inside the car.

“It is really frustrating because you know, now I’m looking at $150 just to order the glass and then having it put in I’m sure is going to be a little extra more,” said Bowlin.

“Money that I really don’t have, you know. You have to buy groceries, pay bills,” said Jones.

They both said they are thankful nobody got hurt, but they worry about what those responsible for the vandalism could do next.

“It is just scary because when is it going to be a house window? Or something worse,” said Bowlin.

If you have any information about who is responsible for vandalizing those cars call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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