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Mysterious rash infects dozens of school children

MISSION VIEJO, CA (KRON)- Parents in a Southern California school district want answers after children have come home with mysterious rashes.

Officials still don’t know what’s causing the violent skin reaction. In the past two weeks at least forty students and staff members at Lake Forest Elementary School reported mysterious bug bites and skin rashes.

One person with the rash who didn’t want to be identified says “there were several clusters that became very swollen and itchy around my waist and behind my knees, in the crease on the backs of my legs.”

Saddleback Valley Unified School District says they have received five reports of similar symptoms from other school districts.

Jennifer Dublin, a parent, says “kids are still coming home this week with bites all over their back.” “I’m very concerned, I’m thinking about keeping my daughter out for the rest of the week at least.”

The school district is attempting to get to the bottom of the rashes but so far they don’t have any answers for parents or school staff members.