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Pet Pals TV: The Puppy Bowl

Pet Pals TV: The Puppy Bowl

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Patty Spitler with Pet Pals TV recently spoke with the “rufferee” who has been keeping the puppies of The Puppy Bowl in check.

Dan Schachner has been refereeing The Puppy Bowl for the past nine years. Patty asked him if there was anything new viewers can expect during this year’s event.

“Well we have some of our old favorites. We have the water bowl cam, we have the hamster on the wheel who is powering our scoreboard, but we’re proud to announce we have the most amount of adoptable dogs ever,” said Schachner. “We have 96 dogs this year from all over the country. By the time The Puppy Bowl airs, they all do get adopted.”

Schachner said the event will also feature baby goats and armadillos as cheerleaders as well as a kitten half time show.

Click the video to learn more about the popular event.