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Neighbors don’t like Nazi flag flying over Tennessee home

ROBERTSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Controversy flies on a flag pole in a quiet Robertson County neighborhood. It’s a Nazi flag, and it’s flown over the trailer of a resident.

The man is breaking no law, but his neighbors don’t like the symbol of hate.

Laurie Elliott is one of those neighbors. She runs The Studio, a hair and nail salon, on Highway 76.

Before she was a business woman, Elliott was in the Air Force. Her husband was a Marine.

“It breaks my heart. Can’t imagine anyone picking that over freedom,” she said.

Elliott lives in a community surrounded by American flags, but less than a mile away, as you travel north on the highway, you can see the Nazi flag flapping in the breeze.

It flies on a pole over a trailer home.

The resident did talk to a local paper.

The resident is quoted as saying, “It’s my choice to fly the flag on my property. I don’t bother anyone and I feel like it’s my right as an American to display what I want to display.”

Elliott said when she heard the quote she first felt anger, saying “you have to be sad for someone who is thinking that. [I] don’t understand it.”

And when it comes to freedom of speech, she said, “Breaks my heart. You should want better for yourself.”

Elliott added, “He needs to brush up on his history. Can’t imagine he would fly that if he knew everything it stood for.”

According to the Springfield police chief, there has been no trouble associated with the Nazi flag.