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New additions this season to Indy Scream Park

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) – It is the season for thrills and shrills and one place in central Indiana is at work to give people both.

Indy Scream Park in Anderson is back open and running for their eighth season.

The park opened back up in mid September and will be open until the first week in November.

This year there are a couple new additions.

The first is Zombieland: Unchained. This is an extension of the Zombieland: Apocalypse that features a post-apocalyptic zombie world with special effects and zombie actors. For this attraction, Zombies will be loose and interactive with the thrill seekers.

Guests who choose to wear a glowing necklace have the chance to get grabbed by the actors and taken away from the group.

The second new attraction is The Pandemic: Mutation. That one features an attraction full of mutations in what is set up to look like a government facility.

Creative Director Mark Bremer said they have put in close to $100,000 in improvements for this new season and those two new attractions.

Each night about 150 actors get decked out in makeup and full costumes to scare thrill seekers. 24-Hour News 8 reporter Emily Kinzer sat down with the makeup artist to see what that experience was like. Face makeup took about 40 minutes.

For more information on the park, ticket information, and more, click here.