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New interview brings Delphi murders to national attention

DELPHI, Ind. (WLFI) – The Delphi double homicide investigation is gaining more national attention.

This comes after a segment on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today.”

“We’re getting nationwide attention, and that everybody’s going to be on the lookout for this fella. Not just locally,” said West Lafayette resident Toni Jessee, who watched the televised interview.

The families of 14-year-old Abby Williams and 13-year-old Libby German were interviewed about the case on the news show. They shared their stories and how the public can help. The girls’ bodies were found Feb. 14 just off the shore of Deer Creek in Carroll County.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter spoke about the possibility of the killer striking again.

Carter said, “We believe that a person that would commit a crime like this, with such incredibly evil intent, likely has committed that crime before, and with that known he likely will commit it again.”

State Police Chief Public Information Officer David Bursten said it’s common sense and people shouldn’t look too deeply into it.

“If somebody has killed a person, the likelihood that they’ll kill somebody else is pretty prominent. So it’s reasonable to expect if somebody has killed a person, they’ll kill again,” Bursten said.

Carter also shared his concerns about the sketch of the killer, telling viewers to “Please, disregard the face, but look at the body because anybody could identify a family member by looking at the body.”

Bursten said it’s important to look at all the available evidence that could help find the killer.

He said, “If somebody sees somebody that looks like that person or they know that person, they recognize the body style of that person, don’t rationalize away. Call and provide a tip. Let us investigate it.”

Jessee also believes people should look past the sketch.

“I think we do need to focus more on what he was wearing and the clothing because people know that, especially if they know this person. They know those clothes,” Jessee said.

Bursten is certain someone out there knows something that could lead to justice for Abby and Libby.

He said it’s never too late to do the right thing.

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