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Newfields art museum invites Hoosiers to Pop Up: Pie exhibit

Newfields art museum invites Hoosiers to Pop Up: Pie exhibit in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– The Newfields Museum of Art’s new culinary experience, Pop Up: Pie, is inviting people out to taste rich history of pie in America and across the world all in one exhibit.

Nearly all of the crust for each pie is made at the gallery’s pastry shop for museum visitors to enjoy the vintage-style pies and everything else Newfields has to offer.

If that’s not enough to reel you into the experience you can also get a handcrafted old-fashioned milkshake with an adult option of adding bourbon or brandy. Organizers of the exhibit say it’s an extension of their culinary arts department, but they told News 8’s Randall Newsome there’s a special motivation behind turning ‘Pop Up: Pie’ from an idea into a reality.

“We want to lure you into the galleries and what better way to do that than with milkshakes and pies,” said Lindsay Jo Whirley, the culinary arts operations manager.

People in charge of the exhibit say if you’re feeling sweet, ask for the signature American apple pie or the Hoosier sugar cream pie with a scoop of homemade ice cream on the side. 

From the classic chicken pot pie, potato empanada or even a lamb pie, they are aiming to satisfy whatever flavors you are in the mood for.

“We want them to experience all of Newfields and in this space specifically we want to tell the story of pie in a way that highlights that this came to us from other places,” Whirley said. “We want people to try something they haven’t tried before like the lamb pie. It’s the first meat pie that existed in the states that we know about and you can try it right here.”

The exhibit is included with admission to the museum and is open during Newfields’ regular hours.