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Officer loses jobs after posting racial slur over Snapchat

MCKEESPORT, Penn. (CNN) – A screenshot photo has cost a part-time Pennsylvania police officer her job.

The Snapchat photo of Melissa Adamson shows her in full uniform with the caption saying, “I’m the law today n****.”

That photo led to her firing from the McKeesport Police Department.

Adamson has since apologized for the photo.

“I’m sorry for who I did offend, that wasn’t my intentions,” Adamson said. “I can’t express how sorry I am for how I made you feel. Again, it wasn’t my intentions.”

Adamson says the photo wasn’t taken during her two weeks on the job at the McKeesport Police Department, but from several months ago when she worked at another police department.

She says it was reposted on Facebook from someone trying to hurt her.

No matter when it was taken, some in the community say it should have never even happened.

Adamson also resigned from her job as a part-time officer at another department.