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Penguin at SeaWorld Orlando gets one-of-a-kind wetsuit

Orlando, FL (CFN13) — One penguin at SeaWorld Orlando is sporting a new look.

The park created a one-of-a-kind wetsuit for Adelie, a female penguin that recently experienced feather loss. It prevented her from being able to naturally regulate her body temperature, according to officials.

So, SeaWorld’s aviculture team decided to create Adelie a wetsuit that would mimic her former coat of feathers.

The park’s wardrobe department designed and sewed the wetsuit, which was custom-fit just for her.

Adelie can swim, sleep and eat with the other penguins, all while wearing the suit.

Visitors can see Adelie and other penguins at the park’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit.Story from CFN13 via CNN.