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Planned Parenthood shooter: “I’m going to release the abortion pictures of all the babies”

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.(Fox21News) – Admitted Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear was back in court Tuesday.

Right now, he’s still incompetent to stand trial, but he continues to get treatment at the state hospital in Pueblo to fix that.

He also continued to have outbursts in court.

Dear came into court firing, saying that Judge Martinez sealed his records and that they’re forcibly medicating him and that the court is now trying to sensor the media.

There were two big topics in court proceedings.

The first was deciding how much information the prosecution can have about Dear’s medical records from the state hospital in Pueblo.

The prosecution wants everything, while the defense wants them to have only information regarding his competency.

The second big development is coming from the civil case going on in Denver where victims are suing Planned Parenthood.

The attorneys in that case want all the video and information from what happened last November so they can prepare for their trial.

In previous cases in Colorado, the judge on the criminal case has ordered that not be released until after the criminal trial. This judge did not make a decision on that, said El Paso County District Attorney Dan May.

Judge Martinez will make a decision on November 17 at the next hearing.

Both sides of the criminal case don’t want that information out there because it could sully their case.

“They have a trial date set in July and you can’t go to trial without putting witnesses on the stand in an open court room and testify about matters, or show documents, or play film, or show photos and if that occurs before the criminal trial all the parties in the court room today agree that would affect the due process rights in our case,” said May.

This becomes a big issue because of how long this case could take to go to an actual trial.

“There is no way this case in the criminal matter is going to trial before July of next year,” said May.

In reference to the release of information, Dear said in court that he’s going to release the abortion pictures of all the babies that he saw during the shooting.

Right now, Dear isn’t being allowed to talk to the media.

Hell be back in court on November 17.

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