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Planned Parenthood will sue to stop new abortion law

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Planned Parenthood is taking aim at Indiana’s new abortion law. It hopes to prove that it is unconstitutional.

“We will seek judicial relief as soon as we possibly can,” said CEO Betty Cockrum.

This is a scenario that we’ve seen before. Pro-life lawmakers and the governor are trying to stretch the constitutional limits on ways to eliminate abortion and it’s left up to a judge to decide if they’ve gone too far.

It happened in 2013 when the governor signed a bill that was designed to close a Lafayette Planned Parenthood clinic.

A federal judge threw out that law and Cockrum hopes it will happen again.

“You cannot just arbitrarily decide that abortion can’t exist under certain circumstances,” she said.

But Mike Pence’s career has been built around the effort to eliminate abortion.

As a Congressman, he was a regular speaker at the March for Life in Washington.

“We must never relent. We must never tire,” he said at the event in 2006. “We must never lose heart in the cause of life.”

But the bill signed Thursday, one that prevents abortion is it’s determined the fetus has Down syndrome, was opposed even by pro-life Republicans who spoke against it in the Indiana House.

“I feel that I’m determining whose life has more importance here,” said Rep. Cindy Kirkhofer (R-Indianapolis).

Planned Parenthood will seek a federal court injuction before the new law takes effect on July 1.

“The plan is for this never to take effect,” said Cockrum.