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Police: Man watched woman at ATM, then robbed her

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Prosecutors charged a man who they say watched a woman as she went to the ATM, then robbed her. It happened Thursday morning around 10 a.m. at Rickers on 16th Street near Tibbs Road on the city’s west side.

The victim didn’t want to give her name, but she says she stopped by Rickers gas station to grab a soda and withdraw money from the ATM. She got trouble instead.

While in the store, the woman bumped into a friend. That friend also did not want to give her name but says she noticed a strange man watching them. Police identified that man as Bradley Lerma.

“He was sitting there by the door, and it was like anybody that would walk in or anything, he was eyeing. He was just waiting, like he was a prey,” the witness said.

She didn’t let it go. In fact, after she says she noticed Lerma watching her friend withdraw money, she confronted him.

“I turned around and made a comment, jokingly stating that today’s not the day to rob my friend,” she said.

But, apparently, the suspect felt differently. According to the victim, after she used the ATM and paid for her drink, she went to her car, which was parked near the doors.

“I got into the car, bam. That’s when it happened. He jumped in the car and threw his body on me like this,” she said.

The victim says Lerma hit her in the chest, held her back as he grabbed her cash — $127 altogether — then ran off.

“I’m sitting here screaming. I jump out of my car and I’m yelling at everybody out there. Can somebody please help me. I had just been robbed,” said the victim.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after. It didn’t take long for them to find Lerma, walking away. Officers arrested him and were able to get the victim’s money back to her.

Marion County Prosecutors charged Lerma with robbery. He is set to appear in court for his initial hearing on Monday.

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