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Police: Man whistles at woman, shoots at her husband when he interferes

HAINES CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – A husband is in a hospital recovering from gunshot wounds after two strangers whistled at his wife and shot him when he tried to stop them, according to Haines City Police.

It happened before midnight Saturday at a home located in the 2300 block of Mason Avenue. According to the HCPD report, Bradley Mills and his wife were outside when Mills saw two men staring and whistling at his wife. The two were a couple of houses down the street so Mills went down there to tell them to stop.

His wife went back into the house.

After he talked to the men, Mills turned around and started walking back. He heard the men shouting ‘Hey, come here.’ He turned and saw one man pull the gun and start shooting. Mills kept walking towards his home when he heard a whizzing noise of the round going right by him.

He didn’t realize he was hit until he got home. He was shot twice, in the stomach and the groin. He told his wife to call 911. He was taken to a hospital. His condition is listed as non-life threatening.

Mills described the shooter as “a Hispanic male, with long white hair, heavy set with no shirt on.” Haines City Police officers located the suspect who lived nearby. The suspect Ronaldo Fernandez Rodriquez , 44, was taken to the Polk County jail and charged with Attempted Murder in the second degree.