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Popular Mobile Pay not 100 percent safe

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Mobile Pay is becoming more and more popular, in fact, companies like Apple and Samsung say millions of customers are now using the services to pay for just about everything. 24 Hour News 8 found out it’s not 100 percent safe.

At the Silver in the City Gift shop on Mass Ave in Downtown Indianapolis, customers browse for different types of knick knacks and interesting prizes.

“We actually just set up our genius terminals.” Employee Chelsea Senibaldi said.

It’s a popular tool for some people who shop there.

“Usually when I forget my wallet, I don’t have to run out to my car, I could just pull out my phone and use it.” Nick Mueller of Indianapolis said

But how safe is it? According the mobile phone companies, very. However, Cyber Security experts like Daniel Smith of Indianapolis based International Investigators disagree.

“There is no such thing as 100 percent secure in any digital transmission. Ever!” Smith said.

Smith also said anyone can be hacked, anywhere and anytime. But that’s not stopping people from using Mobile Pay, experts say it’s very popular with Millennials.

On the campus of IUPUI it was no exception.

“Setting it up is actually pretty streamline, you just need an account with Apple, you can set it up through there or with Samsung, you can do it that way too.” IUPUI Sophomore Rex Buckley said. “You can get rewards through your credit card if you use your phone instead of plastic.”

Not every IUPUI student is on board, some students at the school prefer to stay “old school”.

“My wallet is with me all the time, I need my id and license, so my card sitting there really isn’t in the way and my phone is with me as well but it’s not offering anything faster access to my card anyway.” Grad Student Ahmad Barhmad said. “Why change if the change really isn’t any better?”

Cyber security experts say there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. Things like checking an Apps rating before downloading it. Never download an app from anywhere other then the app store, always install passwords, and always try avoiding using public Wi-Fi.

“The log in on Wi-Fi such as Starbucks, doesn’t necessarily protect you, that’s just their way of identifying who’s connected to the Wi-Fi. It doesn’t mean that you’re getting any encryption protection from hacking.” Daniel Smith said.

Experts say if your cell phone is lost or stolen, the first thing to do is contact your network provider, who will be able to block your phone in order to stop anyone else from using it.