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Racer back-pedals out of public awkward moment

DAYTONA, Fla. (WISH) – Joey Logano won the Daytona 500 Sunday.

But, Logano is getting attention online for comparing the wedding ring he recently lost to the ring he earned for winning the race.

In a press conference Logano said, “I hope I don’t lose this one, it’s harder to replace I think… well, I take that back. I screwed up there hang on… hang on… well.  What I meant, what I meant to say… well she’s still here with me. It’s just a symbol, she’s with me all the time, she would be impossible to replace. That’s how you redeem yourself.”

Logano got married two months ago. He says he lost his wedding ring on his honeymoon when he flipped his kayak in Costa Rica.

He already has a replacement ring on his left hand.