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Reel Tok with Kayla: Mary Beth’s boys go viral for hilarious brother moment

Kid-ing with Kayla: Mary Beth Feichter is an Indiana native, former Olympian and mother of two boys. A video of her kids recently went viral on TikTok and Instagram. In the captured moment, the brothers are enjoying dinner together when the younger brother starts eyeing something he’d like to steal while his sibling was distracted. Mary Beth captioned it “When you already finish your roll…” and the comments took off.


He thought he was so sneaking haha! Dont worry everyone… he got another roll lol! #funnyvideos #funnykids

♬ original sound – MommieMaryBeth

In the video, the brother steals the roll and gets caught by his dad. We’ve all been there!

This video has more than a half million views on TikTok but 17 million and counting on Instagram. It’s the kind of momentum this stay at home mom and wife was hoping for! She’s aspiring to be a social media influencer and built a platform well before this video went viral.

“I’m a former Olympic diver turned wife, stay-at-home momma to the sweetest and wildest boys. My little family is my absolute world.” said Mary Beth. “I love sharing a glimpse into my life and sharing all the things from motherhood, fitness, fashion, and food.”

Mary Beth believes people can feel good inside and out without having to spend a lot of money.

“If you know me, you know I love a good deal!” said Mary Beth. “My passion for health and fitness runs deep since I started working out at such a young age. Although the purpose behind my health journey has changed throughout the years from trying to be a world class athlete to wanting a healthy life to stick around with my kids forever.”

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