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Remorseful thief in Center Grove writes apology note to victim

GREENWOOD, Ind (WISH) — A remorseful thief steals a package from a Center Grove doorstep and then wrote a one and a half page note, apologizing to his victim. It happened on Friday at the Carefree subdivision off of Fairview Road. 

The victim, didn’t want to go on camera, but told News 8 that she received an alert on her phone when the package arrived. Minutes later, she received another alert. She assumed it was another package, until she watched the surveillance video. 

It’s not uncommon to see delivery trucks in neighborhoods this time of year. 

“I do most of my shopping on Amazon, even Walmart online,” said Center Grove resident Chase Castell. 

Mooresville resident Chandler Simpson added, “Online shopping is so much easier than go beat the crowd at the mall.”

But, unfortunately, it’s also not that uncommon these days, to see door steps, with missing packages. Case in point: on Ramblin Road, a homeowner’s surveillance camera captures a suspect allegedly steal a package from the door step and then he runs off. 

“It’s just disappointing especially this time of year,” said Castell. He added, “Everybody should be spreading cheer and having a good time with their family and they’re getting their property taken off their porch.”

The homeowner called police. In less than one hour, deputies with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office were able to track down 25- year old Chad Willis. He was allegedly wearing the same shirt and driving the same video that was captured on the surveillance camera. Officers arrested him. 

“Hopefully that guy will learn from it and not do that ever again,” said Simpson.

It appears he did learn. Police say Willis wrote an apology letter. It starts, “Dear person I chose to take from,” he continues, “I did not wake up this morning and plan on doing what I did.”

“That’s awesome. Very brave. I’m very glad that he could come out and come clean to apologize for his mistakes,” said Simpson. 

In the letter, Willis says he was on his way to visit his grandma in the hospital when he saw the package. He took it without thinking and thought to bring it back. He apologized and asked for forgiveness. 

“I don’t think it counts or anything because it’s an awful action,” said Castell. 

“HIs apology, you could accept it ir you wanted to. It depends on who you are and how you look at it,” said Simpson. 

The victim told News 8 that she accepted his apology and hopes that he learns from his mistake. The package was returned, opened, with its contents; a sleeping bag and a coffee mug. 

Willis now faces a theft charge. He was released from the Johnson County Jail. 

You can read the entire apology letter below. 

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