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‘Rev Rally’ draws Brownsburg residents

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — Sometimes, a car show is more than a car show. And a concert is more than a concert.

“We are a fast-growing suburban community,” says Grant Kleinhenz, the Town Manager of Brownsburg.

He says that growth creates a fear among some in his town – the fear of “losing that small town identity.”

That’s part of the motivation for Tuesday’s 3rd annual “Rev Rally” on Town Hall Green.

The event is a free attraction with a band on stage and an array of colorful race cars on display. It’s a celebration of Brownsburg’s connection to motorsports.

The area has had a link to racing since the early days of what is now known as Lucas Oil Raceway.

“Due to that we have a lot of racing teams. Not only NHRA racers, but other forms of racing as well. They call Brownsburg home and it’s something we’re proud of. We’re glad to have them,” said Kleinhenz.

Kleinhenz says the Rev Rally also preserves the small town identity of an area of dramatic growth. But, it’s deeper than that.

“Festivals like this, particularly in a venue like we have here on Town Hall Green, really bring the community together, give people an opportunity to serve, be involved and get to know others that maybe they wouldn’t, if the town didn’t do this type of events,” Kleinhenz said.