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Scammers target senior citizen for the 4th time

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) – Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox issued a warning to seniors to stay watchful.

This comes after two scammers targeted a 75-year-old woman inside her home on the 4600 block of East Rocklane Road.

According to investigators, the grandmother heard a knock on the front door.

She answered the door, on the other side stood a man who walked right into her home.

The woman told the man told leave her house. Instead the mysterious man walked through the house, and then suddenly a second man walked in the house.

The two explained to the woman they were sent to her home to check the wiring from her home to a lightning rod.

As the two men pretended to check the wiring they asked for $10 to cover the cost of their visit. In response to the request the older woman went to her car to give the men $10.

When she went back inside the home one of the suspects told the victim he needed to show her a wire in her bedroom. After a few minutes, the men left, each jumping into a pickup truck and they left the scene.

Shortly after the men left, the victim searched for her purse, but she couldn’t find it. She realized the two men took her pursue when she wasn’t paying attention. Inside the purse were credit cards, insurance cards, and $1,500 in cash.

“She is being bombarded by scammers. This is the fourth time she’s been targeted,” said Randy Young, the victim’s son.

The suspects also got away with the victim’s keys.

On Tuesday morning, a couple of locksmiths were changing the locks on the victim’s door. It’s unclear, exactly why led the suspects to target the 75-year-old.

“It could be they followed her home from a business, and she might be part of our aging population, and felt that she might be an easy target,” said Sheriff Doug Cox.

Detectives want to gain a perspective on who is responsible for the crime by checking the woman’s finances.

“We are hoping they use the credit cards, and checkbooks, we are hoping that happens,” said Sheriff Cox.

If the suspects use the credit cards, detectives will have a more detailed timeline on locations, and possibly identities on who is involved.

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