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Sibling WWII vets take Honor Flight together

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Most days, you can find Mary and Robert Haun enjoying each other’s company. The two live at the same senior living center and often spend their time together reminicsing about old memories.

The special bond between this brother and sister is evident and something that unites them even further is their love for their country.

Robert and his older sister Mary served in the Navy during World War II.

“I joined and was taken in in Guam. I spent a lot of the Naval time just cruising around because this was after the war was over but no truce was officially signed yet,” explained Robert.

He says although he has many memories from his time at sea, he’ll never forget a conversation he had with his captain during an inspection.

“He said, ‘you’re a good looking sailor. The way you stand, the way you look at me.’ And he said, ‘I have to commend you and this will go on your records.’ And then he walked on down and he never talked to anyone else but me.”

Mary graduated from Lafayette Jeff in 1942 and then went on to serve as a yeoman.

“Our duty was to relieve a man to go overseas by taking a job a man would have had, and that’s really what we did,” she explained.

While Robert and Mary both say they’re blessed beyond all measure to still be here to share these memories, their hearts are heavy for those who never made it home.

“I think of all the people and men who died so we can have our freedom here. It just hits home to me,” Mary said.

The brother and sister will be one of the 90 veterans aboard the first Honor Flight of the year on Monday, April 27.