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Soldier surprises family at sister’s graduation

ESCONDIDO, California (CNN) – It was a surprise that took months of planning, but U.S. Army Pfc. Eddie Bustin pulled it off.

Everyone in his family thought he was 6,000 miles away, and wouldn’t be able to attend his baby sister’s middle school graduation in Escondido, California.

Just a day earlier, he was in South Korea and hadn’t seen him family in nearly a year.

“I called her back in January asking, ‘What do you want for graduation?’ and she said, ‘All I want is for you to be here,” Bustin recalled.

So, without telling a soul, he saved his money – flights home aren’t cheap.

He actually worried his investment may not pay off. But, it was money well spent.

“Nice job girl. Your brother loves you. Your brother loves you,” he said to his little sister, as she hugged him on the stage.

His twin sister, then his mom, ran to him shortly after.

The family says they’ll enjoy the short time they’ll have with him. His trip home is only for two weeks.