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Some delays reported at Indianapolis International Airport Sunday

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Winter weather and a surge of the COVID-19 omicron variant led to thousands of flight cancellations and delays around the country over the holiday weekend.

“We went out and got a bunch of test kits, we have N-95 masks that we will wear on the flight and we tested ourselves yesterday,” said Fred Bonfils.

Bonfils was supposed to fly from Indianapolis to Seattle Sunday on Alaska Airlines, but his flight ended up getting cancelled.

Earlier this week, United, Delta and Jet Blue canceled hundreds of flights around the country because many of those airlines’ employees called out sick due to COVID-19.

Four of those cancellations trickled down to Indianapolis on Sunday.

“So far everything has been fine. We have everything checked in, we’re just waiting to go down to the gate to go through security.” said Steve Costerison, who was due to fly to Ft. Lauderdale Sunday night.

He had no concerns about the omicron variant.

“I’m going to die of something someday anyhow. It doesn’t bother me — I don’t get excited about it,” he said.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority says travel is close to where it was before the COVID-19 pandemic.