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Some Hoosiers growing tired of daylight saving time

Hoosiers for Central time

News 8 at 10 p.m.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Most Hoosiers have been living with the twice-a-year changing of the clocks since 2006.

After 13 years of springing forward and falling back — as Hoosiers on Eastern time will do early Sunday, ending daylight saving time — some people have grown tired of the change.

Linda Sexson, who was leaving a Carmel restaurant, “We shouldn’t have it. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. It just throws everybody off. I think we should go back to the way it was a long time ago when we didn’t have it.”

Sexson is talking about the 35 years when Indiana and Arizona were the only two states that didn’t change their clocks.

Karen Daugherty of Carmel took another view. “I’m a big fan of the ‘fall back’ and get the extra hour. The only depressing thing is going to work when it’s dark and coming home when it is dark,” Daugherty said.

Indiana was once in the Central time zone.

Sue Dillon is executive director of Hoosiers for Central Time. “We should be in the Central time zone, then whatever happens in Chicago should happen here.”

In 2009, a Carmel student was killed in an early morning accident. That’s when Dillon started advocating for the move to Central time. She has mountains of research and data to support the move.

“But, it comes down to kids going to school when the sun is up. Indiana is one of the most tired states in the United States. We are (No.) 1 on the most obese states,” Dillon said.

She also said truancy rates and crime rates could be positively impacted with just a little more sunlight in the morning. But, for this year, Hoosiers in all but a few counties in Indiana are stuck with another changing of the clocks.

Indiana counties on Central time

  • Northwest: Jasper, Lake, LaPorte, Newton, Porter and Starke.
  • Southwest: Gibson, Perry, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh and Warrick.