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Speedway sweet-tooth bandits cut cavity in roof

SPEEDWAY, Ind (WISH) — Some bandits with the munchies in Speedway cut through the roof of a concession stand — all for candy and soda.

According to police, it may be connected to another burglary.

It’s not uncommon to see Ruth and Bob Douglas at the Speedway soccer league park, 5700 Meadowood Drive. On Friday, they packed a picnic and brought the dog.

“It’s just peaceful. We grew up in the country and, in a sense, (it’s) a little bit of country for us to come here,” Ruth said.

Bob added, “It’s just a nice family-type thing.”

As they were feasting on sandwiches and such, they noticed something a little off.

“I wouldn’t think that the door was that solid that they couldn’t jimmy that and got through,” Bob said.

According to Speedway Youth Soccer President Nickie Otte, thieves tried to break into the concession stand through the windows but couldn’t. So, they somehow managed to get on top of the building, cut a large hole through the roof and dropped down.

“I mean if you really needed candy and pop that bad, gosh, why?” Otte asked. “Why do this to us? This is senseless.”

Not far away at Randy Shambaugh Park, 5700 W. 30th St., another concession stand was broken into. Police say the crimes are similar and investigators are trying to determine if they are connected.

IMPD arrested two people — a juvenile and 18-year old Evan Michael Stewart — in connection to the Shambaugh Park burglary.

“It’s really sad. Kids think they have to do something like that to get just candy,” Ruth said.

Bob added, “Seems a little extreme. I wish I would’ve been there. I would’ve paid for his candy bar.”

A volunteer has offered to repair the Speedway soccer league’s concession stand this weekend, just in time for the start of the season next week.

The suspects face preliminary charges of burglar, theft and vandalism.

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