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Students inspire youth to make the planet better through Helping Ninjas

Students inspire youth to make the planet better through Helping Ninjas

Helping Ninjas Inc. is a student led not-for-profit. When kids are willing and can successfully interact and socialize with peers for a cause, there really is reason to celebrate! Helping Ninjas has become a movement to inspire others to educate youth how to help the planet, themselves and each other. 

Helping Ninjas was founded by Lindsey Fella-Berry’s son, Leo, out of his love for insects and animals. This sparked Leo’s passion for science and a desire to help. Learning about endangered species inspired an ambition to encourage others to help and to share it.

Sid Chavali, a head ninja and Helping Ninja Student Blog writer, explains the importance of getting involved in an organization to better the planet we live on. 

Helping Ninjas’ mission is to create opportunities for children to learn how to help the world and their vision, Learn. Help. Share. is to create awareness on important issues, educate youth to learn how to help, and share with others. You can do this by taking a picture or video, writing something, and sharing it on social media! 

When Lindsey & Leo discovered the negative effects of plastic pollution and how it is affecting oceans and sea life, they naturally wanted to do something to help.  

Students inspire youth to make the planet better through Helping Ninjas

The #StandUpToStraws is an initiative to educate youth on the impacts of global plastic pollution and to think about cause and effect to stand up for our planet. One way to combat this is using alternative straws.

The Helping Ninjas are asking community members to join their efforts to participate by simply just choosing to refuse a plastic straw and trying an alternative. 

Join by learning, helping and sharing a photo of a StrawLess Cheers!  Or by Flossing!

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In honor of businesses that join the efforts, the Helping Ninjas are are going to celebrate by doing a floss dance. 

A few businesses have already taken the #StandUpToStraws initiative, such as Verde, Bar Louie’s, Muldoon’s, Agave, Ocean Poke, Vitality Bowls, Pint Room and Bazbeaux.

Helping Ninjas is always looking for more volunteers. Signs and forms are downloadable at You can also join efforts and help the world’s oceans by purchasing a sticker pack in the Apple™ App Store.

To do so, open the Apple™ App Store and search for Helping Ninjas.

All proceeds from the Helping Ninjas emoji sticker pack go to fund projects and initiatives, such as #StandUpForStraws. Each month, Helping Ninjas will donate 25% of proceeds to other charitable causes.

For more information, you can visit the following websites or social media handles: (@helpingninjas) (@standuptostraws) (@learnhelpshare)