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Suspect targets IMPD officer; shoots at home, car

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A man is in custody after shooting at an IMPD officer’s home and car.

Police responded to the 4000 block of East 13th Street around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Police said they believe the house was targeted because it was the home and car of an officer. Police said the suspect and officer did know each other, but it’s not clear if that was the reason behind the shooting.

According to the police report, the suspect, 27-year-old March Ratney is in custody and is being questioned.

March Ratney

During a news briefing with IMPD Chief Troy Riggs, he said although the suspect was wearing a shirt that said “Black Lives Matter,” it doesn’t represent the rest of the organization. The shirt also said “F- the police”

When asked if he thought other officers could be targeted because they bring their police vehicle home, Riggs mentioned that is a concern.

However, he also mentioned that when police are in the neighborhood with their vehicle it makes the area safer. He even shared that citizens called the department to thank them for having a car in their neighborhood.

No one was hurt in the incident and the officer is thankful the community for their support.

Riggs said “If there is one place that you should feel safe and your family should feel safe, it’s at your home. And someone violated that this morning.”

According to police, they think this act might be related to another arrest and case, but they are considering all motives.

The incident has the neighborhood on edge.

“It scared the crap out of me then and I was like, ‘Oh Lordy Lord, what’s going on over there,’” said Kay Johnson, who lives next door to the officer. “When I saw that, I was like, ‘Oh God, please don’t let this happen.’ But he’s fine. It still worries you because you never know if they might come back.”

This incident comes at the beginning of what could be a busy week for officers.

This weekend in the Indy Black Expo.

Chief Riggs said because of the various protests and incidents around the nation involving the police that security is their top concern.

As for the suspect, when he was brought in for questioning, Riggs said he began urinating on the walls.

Riggs said they will continue to investigate this case and press charges against the suspect.

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